Case Study: CiRo

Rotations up to 500 degrees around axis 6. Free choice of cables and hoses. Withstands wear, dust and damp environments. Compact and cost-efficient. We have been talking CiRo with Löfqvist Engineering, a company based in central Sweden that has delivered robot solutions primarily to the automotive industry for more than 40 years.

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CiRo is a cost-effective solution to achieve the flexibility of internal cabling. Hoses and cables for air, signals and power can be selected according to the requirements of the application. Axis 6 can rotate with extended freedom.

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Case study: Scania

Case RSP Scania Tool changers

The efficient use of industrial robots requires tool changers, according to experience gained from Scania’s new bodywork facility in Oskarshamn, Sweden. When choosing supplier, quality and support are crucial factors.

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Tool changers

RSP Tool changers robot

RSP has a wide range of automatic and manual Tool changers. They are designed to maximize the flexibility and reliability of your robot fleet. All automatic tool changers feature the patented locking device, TrueConnect™. 

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Case study: Frimo

Case RSP Frimo Swivel tool changer

When FRIMO established a new plant, the opportunity to fully utilize its robots’ mobility was decisive. The choice fell on the swivel tool changer from Robot System Products.

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Swivel tool changers

RSP Swivel tool changers

As the sole supplier, RSP offers integrated swivel- and tool changing functions, which combine the free rotation of axis 6 with compactness and minimal extension from the robot’s tool plate.

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Case study: Lerocon

Case RSP Lerocon Tool changers and Tool systems

Automation of nut and bolt welding is Lerocon’s speciality. Customers are primarily in the automotive industry. Robot System Products supplies automatic tool changers, complete with cable packages and valves.

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With Robot System Products‘ Swivels, axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely. Wear on the hose package decreases, while uptime and productivity increases. If the swivels are used with our hose packages, axis 4 and 5 are also able to rotate unimpeded.

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Case study: Denk Kunststoff

Case RSP Denk Kunststoff Swivel

In some cases, it is possible to add more flexibility to the robots and thereby extend their application possibilities. Using a swivel from Robot System Products, Denk Kunststoff extended the axis 6 working range of their robots.

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Upcoming events

RSP upcoming events

27-28: MetalMadrid, Spain (represented by Gimatic)
6-9: Probable MoldPlas, Portugal (represented by Gimatic)


Sharing computer power for medical research

To provide some aid in the fight against the (Covid-19) Corona virus RSP will donate computer power for medical research. This is quite simple to set up and really helps the teams who are now struggling with finding the best help for this pandemic. Using a simple program installed on your computer you share the processor power that you don´t use by yourself. The overflow can instead be used by the medical research teams. During their work they perform a huge amount of computer simulations. This takes time and the more processors that are working with these simulations the faster it gets. They recently announced that a new batch of small molecule screening simulations are up and running on this service. If you want to participate or find out more about how this works. Please visit:  


Robot System Products is attending ATX WEST in California. Get answers when you meet robotics experts in motion control, motors and drives, sensors and detectors, machine components, and more at ATX WEST. February 11-13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Pedro Moschioni of Robot System Products will be in the Futura Automation Booth #4481 to help answer any questions you may have!

Löfqvist Case Study Now in English

The Case Study we made with Löfqvist Engineering about CiRo is now avaliable in English. Click this link to read it Case Study: Löfqvist Engineering