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Robot System Products established itself as an independent business in 2003 as a management buyout from ABB Robotics. Our growth has been remarkable. Starting with an initial four person team, RSP has flourished to more than 50 direct employees in Sweden and Germany. With our worldwide family of distribution partners, we service over 20 countries for local and global needs.

RSP’s most important asset is our employees. With hundreds of years of combined product knowledge, we take a straightforward approach to solving the challenges unique to industrial robotics. Grounded by our roots in robotic peripheral research and development, our expertise is to provide tested and “field proven” robotic system solutions that improve robot flexibility, utilization and uptime. From our position at the forefront of the latest robot models and advances, we offer a full line of documented plug & play robot dress solutions, as well as individual peripheral items that work with all major robot brands and models.

To better support the growing industrial robot market, we annually release several new products after exhaustive testing to document the predictive product life. RSP designs, validates, manufactures and delivers solutions with engineered advantages that are proven to endure millions of duty cycles.

We look forward to delivering long lasting, cost-effective robotic peripheral product solutions that fulfill the challenges you face.

We offer:

Tool changers
– Swivels
– Swivel tool changers
– Grippers
– Hose packages
– Valve units
– Tool systems
– Tool stands

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