Spin the 6th axis free from hoses and cables

Allows continuous rotation of axis 6

Up to 350 kg payload

Reduces hose package interference

Increases mobility

Maximizes the hose package lifetime

3D simulation control of the upper arm dress package

With Robot System Products‘ Swivels, axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely. Wear on the hose package decreases, while uptime and productivity increases. If the swivels are used with our hose packages, axis 4 and 5 are also able to rotate unimpeded. The full working range of the robot can be utilized.

Tranferable media
  • Compressed air
  • Electrical signals
  • Servo motor power and feedback
  • Fieldbus signals and data
  • Cooling water
  • Weld power
RSP Sealed swivel for tough environments

For tough environments

In addition to our standard swivel selection, we offer an enhanced sealing solution specially designed for tough environments.

With Swivel

Axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely. Wear on the hose package is drastically decreased.
RSP robot with swivel

Without Swivel

Cable wear increases, with the risk to cause unpredictable downtime and production losses.
RSP robot without swivel


RSP Swivel S250-8E