Tool changers

Tool changers

Robot System Products tool changers are designed to maximize the flexibility and reliability of your robot fleet.

Absolute positioning repeatability

Low maintenance and high uptime

Fast locking < 0,3s

Robust design for high torque applications

Patented locking mechanism

3D-models for Robot CAD-systems

RSP has a wide range of automatic tool changers with a load capacity of up to 1,250 kg. The tool changers are robust and can manage continuous changing operations with maintained reliability and safety. Depending on model and options, electrical signals, weld and servo power, data, water and compressed air can be transferred from the robot side to the tool.

RSP also offers manual quick tool changers, MQC, to facilitate easy and quick mounting, dismounting and remounting of larger tools by hand. They have been optimized with respect to weight, compactness and robustness.

RSP Compact tool changer


  • Compact design

  • Internal signal transmission

  • Minimum of wear of the contact surfaces

  • Optimized for material handling and tough environments

  • Payload up to 1,000 kg

RSP Modular tool changer


  • Modular design

  • External signals

  • Wide range of media modules - simple to customize!

  • Payload up to 180 kg


RSP Integrated dressing tool changer

iD - integrated dressing

  • Adapted for hollow wrist robots

  • Internal signals

  • Plug & Play solution

  • No exposed media supply

  • Payload up to 60 kg

RSP Manual quick tool changer


  • Self-centering design

  • Simple fastening - few bolts

  • Quick and simple mounting/dismounting of tooling

  • Payload up to 300 kg


RSP Moduflex tool changer


  • Modular design

  • External signals

  • Wide range of media modules - simple to customize!

  • Designed to meet bodyshop application demands

  • Payload up to 1,250 kg

Industry leading longevity and accuracy

All our tool changers feature the patented locking device, TrueConnect™. It reduces play to the minimum and enables absolute alignment repeatability throughout its lifespan. With its unique design, it does not require exact alignment before docking with different tools. The principle behind the locking mechanism is the uniform distribution of load, obtained by pressing locking balls into spherical grooves in the tool attachment. Industry leading longevity and positional flexibility when docking.

RSP TrueConnect


RSP TrueConnect tool changer


RSP TrueConnect tool changer


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